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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Financial dictionary (A)

The heirs do not inherit according testament if inheritance is not sufficient (Pieces).

Absconding Debtor
Debtors who fled (Debtor run).

Absentee Ownership
Ownership of agricultural land or other property outside the area of ​​residence owner (Ownership Absenti).

Absolute Endorsement
Endorsements are not binding upon payment endosan mail order (Ratification of the Absolute).

Acceleration Clause
Article in the contract which states that the seller may demand immediate full payment of remaining unpaid if the buyer fails to pay installments that remain outstanding (Acceleration Clause).

Acceptance Register
List which contains full details of all records concerning the notes on acceptances (Sign Acceptance Notes).

Accident Insurance
Insurance coverage because the risk of accidents resulting in injury, disability, and / or death (Accident Insurance).

Accommodation Endorsement
Endorsement by endosan by simply allowing the use of his name to help other parties to obtain funds through the sale of the notes, although not concerned over draft these, endosan remain liable under the law (Endorsement Lending Names). 

Accomodation Party
People who withdraw money order, to acceptance, or endorse to some people without benefits (Giver Ease).

Accord and Satisfaction
Replacement of the old covenant with a new one to eliminate the demand (Exemption Agreement).

Accomodation Bill; Note; Paper

Draft letter, signed by the drawer, lawyers acceptances, or by simply allowing endosan the use of his name to help others obtain funds through the sale of the notes; although not concerned over the draft letter, which concerned remains responsible according to law (Letter Guaranteed Loan and Name).

Account Day 

Today, when securities must be submitted for payment (Pay Day).

Account Payee 

Words or phrases that are typically included in the crossing for security check in progress payments, for example, to credit the account (account recipient).

Account Stated

The amounts recognized by a party in response to the request of another party confirmation (Accounts Recognized).

Accrued Interest

Flowers that have been taken into account as income or expense of the company, but not yet received or paid real (Interest Accrual).

Accumulation Units

Net income is not distributed in order to add ownership value (Accumulated Post).


The cost to acquire a property or a new business pricing and other business (Acquisition).

Active Stock

Shares traded on the stock lot (Active Stocks).


Statistician in charge of calculating the amount of insurance funds and the premium (actuarial).

Advicing Bank

Banks who forwarded the letter of credit to the recipient, without being tied to the provisions in the letter of credit is concerned, and forwarding is conducted after the conviction of the truth of your password or signature opener (Bank Successor).


Agreement made ​​cargo ship owners to carry the goods and the payment of transportation costs (Content Agreements).

All Risk Insurance

Insurance coverage because the risk of any harm, unless the danger that will be explicitly stated is not covered (Insurance All Risks).


The person or entity receiving quota shares in connection with the application to purchase shares (Recipient Ration Value). 


Determination of the number of shares to people who registered his name to buy some shares of an emission (Ration Value).

Amortisation; Amortisement

1. Repayment of debt by periodic installments;
2. Depreciation of tangible or intangible assets such as patents, goodwill, copyright, and deferred charges (amortization).

Annual Return

Annual return from an investment (Annual Results).


A series of periodic payments in the same amount (Annuity).

Annuity Bond

Bonds that do not have the cash today, not redeemable and only produces flowers continuously (Eternal Bond).

Anticipated Acceptance

The notes are payable prior to maturity (Anticipation Notes).

Apropriated Reserves; Surplus

Reserves are established by setting aside a regular part of net revenues for specific purposes (Reserve).


Taking advantage of the difference in price of goods, securities, or foreign exchange that occurred in different markets (Arbitration).

Arrange; Arrears

Debts or other liabilities which had fallen in time according to the agreement but not yet fully paid (arrears).

Article of Association

Written agreement signed by the founders of companies that includes objectives, the amount of capital and stock ownership, authority and responsibilities of the board, the composition of commissioners, the division of profits and other (Deed).

Asset Stripping 

Taking property for sale and companies for a profit (Confiscation of Assets).

Authorized Capital

The number and the maximum nominal value of shares issued by the company may, in accordance with its articles of association (Authorized Capital).

Average Adjuster

A person or persons designated experts completed and determine the load of each insurer awar; usually designation stipulated in the contract of carriage expert and if not, adapted to the laws of the place of the end of the relevant service (Settlement Awar).

Average of Capital; Cost of Capital

Total cost is measured as the level of interest from various sources of capital used by firms, each of which weighed according to its role in capital structure and capital (Capital Cost).


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